Robert Gross, Founder/CEO

With a strong background in motocross, Robert Gross started Turtle Gear because he lives for adrenaline but believes that there is a lack of an elite action sports safety equipment and tactical gear company that serves safety, functionality and style.

Michael Horak, Technical President

Michael (left) plays rugby for Massachusetts Maritime Academy and is currently enlisted in the Army National Guard as an infantryman. His love for competition and interest in action sports inspired him to work for and help expand Turtle Gear.



Sam Stockwood, sales director

Growing up on the north shore of Massachusetts, Sam has been involved in every aspect of action sports on and off land. He knows the ins and outs to safety equipment that serves both efficiency and style.


Michelle Klein, Model

Currently residing in Connecticut, Michelle loves everything outdoors with a passion for fishing. She is always up for adventures and wants to ensure that everything she does is both safe and fun.