Our Story

Founded by Robert Gross, Turtle Gear was created to provide high quality products to consumers and develop a reputation as an action sports company. In the near future, action sports safety equipment will consume the majority of the product line for Turtle Gear. An athlete without protective gear on is just as vulnerable as a turtle without its shell. Right now, a few different products are sold by Turtle Gear, and a percentage of all profits are donated to Boston Children’s Hospital and to a Non Profit Sea Turtle Foundation. Here at Turtle Gear, we are laid back, we love to party, chill, compete, and most of all, we love to push the progression of the action sports world.  And most importantly, always remember to Have Your Own Back!



Have Your Own Back

"Where does the Turtle Gear slogan come from? CEO Robert Gross came up with the motto, Have Your Own Back. HYOB is a powerful statement that represents an ambitious attitude to grab life by the horns and determine your own destiny. Do you want to be a pro-athlete? Right on, Do you want to break records? Awesome, Do you want to be a millionaire? That’s what I like to hear, Do you want to provide a great life for your family? Fantastic, You can do it! Go out there and Have Your Own Back! Nobody will ever make any of these things happen for you. It is up to you and only you. You only get one shot at life, one shot at each moment and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. There is no ‘reset’ button at the end. If you want to make something happen, now is the time, this is your moment so get out there and Have Your Own Back."

- Robert Gross, Founder/CEO